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‘Stargazer’ by Soft Spot Gallery

The weeks are going quicker and the days are passing by in seconds, slowing down in the evening when my insomnia sets in, time spreading out to compensate for the lost parts of the day spent doing nothing. Time seems to have inverted on itself, boredom reaching a new level where there is no difference … More

Thoughts in self isolation

I’ve started getting up later n later, a gradual move away from my regular routine, a visible sign of how long it’s been since I started work at 8am, after my hour long commute on the tube. Days are beginning to merge into one another, sometimes they pass hour by hour and other-times I don’t … More

How can Instagram function as an online exhibtion?

Online exhibitions are on the rise, especially since many undergraduates in their final year are seeking alternative arrangements, using sketch up instead to recreate their spaces in order to digitally install works. I am curious to see how we will navigate these digital spaces, much like IRL perhaps, where we choose what artworks we see, … More

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